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3M™ MSP Seam Sealer 08369

  • Part Number: 08369
  • UPC: 51135083697
  • Stock Number: 60455050132
High quality, heavy-bodied, general purpose, moisture-curing seam sealers that are designed for interior and exterior body joints. Adheres well to primed surfaces except acrylic lacquer. Comes with one applicator nozzle.
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  • Product Description

    3M™ MSP Seam Sealer is a premium one-part moisture-curing automotive seam sealer designed for application to exterior and interior body seams. It does not shrink and stays permanently flexible.

    Excellent adhesion to primed metal and aluminum means there is minimal opportunity for bond failure and fewer customer returns for seam sealer failure.

    Fast curing and immediately paintable means there is no need to wait to move the car into the paint area, saving time waiting to paint seam sealer.

    Very low solvent percentage leaves minimal airborne solvent during curing process - less orors and health issues.

    Excellent shelf life: Product stays usable for longer than standard seam sealers meaning less product waste.
  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08369
    UPC 51135083697
    Case Quantity 6 packs per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 pack
    Color White
    Paint Time 30 Minutes
    Work Time 5 - 10 (varies with heat, humidity)
    Dry Time 12 hours
    Brand 3M
    Size 310 mL (10.5 Ounce)

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