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3M Spray Lube, 11 oz Net Wt, 08878

3M Spray Lube, 11 oz Net Wt, 08878

  • Part Number: 08878
  • UPC: 00051135088784
  • Stock Number: 60410009579
3M™ Spray Lube is clear, flowable, high-performance, general purpose grease that sprays out as a liquid and then sets up to a uniform coating of grease in a few minutes. Designed to be water resistant and can lubricate a variety of items such as hinges, latches
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  • Product Description

    • A clear, flowable, high-performance, general purpose grease
    • Designed to be water resistant
    • Can be used to lubricate many items including hinges, latches and seat tracks
    • Flows as a liquid then sets up to a uniform coating of grease



    1. Shake can well before and during use.
    2. Remove the safety cap. Comes with 2 spray nozzles. One sprays a conical pattern for covering wide areas. One accepts the extension tube for pinpoint or hard to reach applications.
    3.  Spray directly onto parts to be lubricated.
  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08878
    UPC 00051135088784
    Case Quantity 12 can per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 can


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Submitted on 11/10/15  |  By LSxPoweredSorento

I found a can of this in a car i bought at a salvage auction. Never heard of it before but it was a hidden gem in that wrecked car!! I used it on the hinges in my LSx swapped Kia Sorento that had an obnoxious creaky hinge. I tried other products but they all came out like a grease and covered everything in a stick mess. The 3m 08878 comes out very thin liquid like and flows awesome. On hinges it lets you use a LOT less product because it flows down into the areas you need it to get to like a penatrating oil does but sets up into a LONG lasting grease that protects long term unlike a penatrating oil.
It also allows you to work it into the area to be lubed as well before it sets up. For example; spraying on a hinge then working the door back and forth, spraying onto a seat track or guide rail then moving it along its travel length. This makes sure you get proper and even lubrication.
Don't just keep it in the garage either. The actual first few things I used it on were the front door, back door, and back storm door. All of them had abused, neglected, squeaky, creaky, and ancient hinges. Worked so well!! No strong or horrible odor and due to its design no over spray onto the door frame or walls.
It works so well in fact that my kids now end up slamming the front door when they get home from school because they are used to the force it took to close the door before i used the 08878 on it!
Another job well done 3m!!

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