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Trizact™ Technology for Paint Finishing


Trizact™ abrasives allow you to have more consistent finishes with better cut, finish, and a longer life. Trizact™ 5000, the newest addition to our paint finishing line can help reduce the amount of time you spend compounding.

Here’s why:

Conventional Abrasives

3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives

The Perfect-It™ System

  • Randomly arranged minerals
  • Initial cut is strong
  • Wear and finish unevenly

  • Three-dimensional structures
  • Uniformly distributed
  • Consistent cut and finish
  • Eliminates disc-to-disc variation
  • Provides longer disc life

Trizact™ discs are part of the Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing System.

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Trizact™ Technology will give you a paint finish job that is:


No wool pads, no mess, less cleanup. Use foam pads.


A finer scratch refinement means less time compounding.


The finish is what really matters and with Trizact™ 3000 and the Trizact™ 5000 as a part of the Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing System, you will achieve the perfect finish.

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11 Item(s)

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