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3M has changed the face of compounding and polishing. Again.

3M innovations in automotive aftermarket paint finishing include the first convoluted foam pads and the first double-sided foam pads. Now, 3M is excited to introduce our latest innovation.

Our team of product designers has engineered an enhanced line of foam pads with specific characteristics that result in industry-changing benefits to improve the buffing process and outcomes. Specifically:

  • Twice as many convolutes (peaks and valleys) as our previous-generation pads mean these pads have more surface area
  • Improved cut rate
  • Smoother gliding with less chatter
  • Better surface feel with less drag
  • Uniformly spreads compound with less smearing
  • Less spatter and sling = less cleanup = less work

This upgraded line of convoluted foam buff pads replaces our previous-generation of convoluted foam buff pads, uses the same part numbers, and remains in similar packaging.

15 Item(s)

15 Item(s)

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