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When impact resistance matters



3M™ Impact Resistant
Structural Adhesive
07333 | 57333

Designed specifically to meet OEM requirements
where impact strength matters most.

A growing number of vehicles produced today use Impact Resistant Structural Adhesives in weld-bonded or rivet-bonded construction. 3M™ Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive is intended for structural bonding applications when specified by automotive OEMs.

  • Higher impact strength versus traditional bonding adhesives
  • Unique color change feature indicates when the curing process has begun, changing from silver to purple (30 minutes at 80ºC/175ºF).
  • Adheres to all properly prepared steel and aluminum substrates
  • Corrosion inhibiting formula with lifetime corrosion protection
  • Can be weld-bonded or rivet-bonded immediately after application
  • Excellent extreme temperature performance
  • Can be rapidly cured with heat
  • OEM recommended

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10 Item(s)

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