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Accuspray HG14 Spray Gun and Atomizers

3M has turned the page on spraying ... again. Introducing the HG14 - the next generation in 3M™ Accuspray™ System technology. The HG14 is designed for the application of coatings requiring the use of a 1.4mm atomizing head.

In the video to the right, Chip Foose demonstrates the HG14's capabilities, including the ability to quickly change colors without replacing the gun. Chip demonstrated the spraying capabilities of the HG14 at SEMA 2013.

This innovative HVLP system delivers exceptional results through excellent atomization, resulting in high transfer efficiency and low overspray. Designed to help improve productivity and minimize clean up time - all combine to help improve your bottom line.

Easy as Click and Spray
This revolutionary product allows you to have a brand new spray gun on demand. The innovative technology was designed from the inside out for the
efficient and economical application of material. These atomizing heads deliver
a large usable pattern and exceptional atomization.

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2 Item(s)

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