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To fix hail damage, technicians often have to mix several small batches of body filler and apply it quickly before it hardens. With the 3M Dynamic Mixing System, the filler is always freshly mixed, giving you the ability to shave significant time off a dent-filling job. Watch the video above to see how quickly a technician can fill nearly 100 dents.

An Innovative Mixing and Delivery System

Pull the trigger to automatically mix and dispense the perfect amount of adhesives, sealers and body filler products. Apply straight to the job, using only the amount you need which will maximize productivity, reduce waste while increasing profits.

Welcome to the 3M™ Dynamic Mixing System.
Stop Mixing. Start Fixing.

Reduces pinholes

Due to the sealed environment of the Dynamic Mixing Nozzle, no air infiltrates the mixing of body filler and plastic repair solutions giving a high-quality finish, reducing the need for additional applications.

Reduce waste

By taking the applicator to the job and mixing "product-on-demand," you don't lose what you don't use.

Easy sanding

3M's premium Body Fillers and Glazes are easy to sand and produce high quality finishes.

Enhance productivity

With the speed and ease of use of the Dynamic Mixing System Applicator you can reduce cycle time by getting the job done faster with a higher quality repair.

Potential Increased Profits

DMS Cartridges feature an accurate gauge that shows precisely how much material is being delivered. This allows shops to accurately track and document how much product is used on each repair order, ensuring accurate usage that streamlines and improves profitability.


The Applicator

Once you grab hold of the Dynamic Mixing Gun, you won't want to put it down. Powered by your shop's pneumatic air system, this easy-to-use, ergonomically styled device fits any grip and is always ready when you are to dispense "Product-on-Demand." Its durable construction is built to last long and stand up to heavy-duty performance, day in and day out. It's the cool new tool that helps get the job done faster, with outstanding results.

The Mixing Nozzles

Get the perfect mix ratio every time! Our innovative mixing nozzle prevent over-catalysation by blending materials at a fixed ratio, eliminating instances of staining. And since no air is introduced during cartridge manufacture or while the components are being mixed in the nozzle, significant pinholes are prevented.

The Cartridges

This product on demand system reduces traditional product waste – simply take the applicator to the car and use just the amount you need. With an easy-to- read gauge, you know exactly how much material has been applied and how much is left in the cartridge for your next use.

The Products

Depending upon your needs, a variety of adhesives, sealants, fillers and glaze products are available for use with 3M's Dynamic Mixing System. Multiple work times and viscosities make it easy to customize the system for the way you and your shop need to work. Which ever formulation is used, you can be confident of a high quality repair.

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