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New Products: Now Available from 3M AAD

Designed to get the most out of the best abrasives

Our sleek new composite-body tools cover the breadth of our 3M™ Cubitron™ II Cutting & Grinding family, delivering a complete solution to bodymen everywhere.

A potent force in the war on dust

Dust is the enemy in your shop. Help keep it out of the air, off the floor, and away from your work with the Total Automotive Sanding System -- a power-packed combination of 3M abrasive and Festool dust extraction technology.

Go-to workhorse.

We built new 3M™ Blue Abrasives with an engineered ceramic mineral blend that delivers best-in-class cut and life. The full line of discs and sheets is available in sizes and grades to handle your needs from body repair to paint prep, BLUE is all you need.

Easy Protection. Easier Application.

Cavity Wax is a trending topic in the collision Repair industry, a growing number of trade groups and OEMs are including it in their repair specifications.

New 3M Cavity Wax Plus, and the reusable Cavity Wax Plus Applicator Wand Kit make protecting repairs easier than ever, delivering a full 360-degree spray to deep, hard-to-reach areas.

System Upgraded

The Accuspray™ ONE Spray Gun System with PPS™ is better than ever. We've added 1.2mm and 1.3mm atomizing heads to our all-in-one kit that combines the simplicity and easy maintenance of Accuspray™ spray guns with the solvent-sipping, material-saving, rapid-clean-up convenience of PPS™.

Pinhole Preventer: New Filler Can Cut Primer Use

Hate pinholes? Hate micro pinholes more?

Meet the new 3M Platinum Select body filler. It reduces pinholes so much that shops are using 30% less primer.

As one of our best body fillers, its creamy formula spreads, cures and sands great.

Cubitron™ II Broadens Bodyman Selection

The game-changing family of Cubitron™ II abrasives has two new members – Sheet Rolls and File Sheets.

Now technicians have more ways to capture the faster-cutting, longer-lasting power of 3M's patented precision shaped grain abrasives.

Our Finest Accuspray Yet

Fans of the Accuspray™ replaceable head spray gun can now spray coatings requiring 1.2mm and 1.3mm atomizers. The full line of atomizers combines with 3M™ PPS™ to give painters fifty ways to configure the Accuspray™ One spray gun.

Flexibility Defined: Machine or Hand – Wet or Dry

New 3M™ Flexible Abrasive Discs provide the cut and performance of a traditional abrasive with added conformability and a longer life. On a machine, the easy-clean surface helps prevent deep pigtails that are difficult to remove with a buffer. By hand, 3M™ Flexible Abrasive Hookit™ Sheets and Discs deliver added flexibility for hard-to-reach areas that will get the job done faster and better.

It's Better Because It Stays Wetter

Meet Perfect-It™ EX Machine Polish. We've taken the science that made Perfect-It™ EX Rubbing Compound a success and built it into an all-new, easy-to-clean-up, machine polish that delivers great results.

Perfect-It™ EX is now a complete family, from rubbing compound to ultrafine polish.

Use less material than before with our new, longer-lasting formulation.

Spot On Cure for Paint Defects

The new Paint Defect Removal Hand System lets paint shop technicians level paint defects quickly and minimize the repair area. With a range of abrasive sizes and grades, this system gets the job back on track fast.

Cubitron™ II – More Grades, More Sizes

Get faster cutting and longer life from rough prep to filler finishing with the expanded line of Cubitron™ II Clean Sanding Hookit™ Discs, now available in grades from 40 to p220.

We've built the same, sharp, precision-shaped mineral into a dozen new grades and sizes.

PPS™ for UV Coatings

Keep your sensitive coatings in the dark. UV cured coatings must be kept away from ultraviolet light until they are applied. Meet PPS™ UV, the standard-size lid and liner combo that delivers the advantages the Paint Preparation System while protecting the coating from UV light.

Our Big Idea in a Smaller Bite

For over a decade 3M™ PPS™ has helped a lot of body shops in a lot of big ways, with impressive savings of time and material. Now, we've made those benefits available to painters in any size shop. From the professional to the serious auto enthusiast, the new starter kits deliver PPS™ benefits in packs of six and twelve.

Evolution Answered.

The construction of vehicles is evolving, and 3M is keeping pace. Our new Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive allows shops to repair todays vehicles to OEM standards. IRSA delivers higher impact strength than traditional bonding adhesives, and surfaces can be weld-bonded or rivet-bonded immediately after application.

Finer Finishing Film Cuts Compounding

With the introduction of 3M™ Purple Finishing Film P2000 Grade Discs, you now can reduce your paint finishing process time. Our P2000 discs cut fast, similar to a P1500, but finishes finer, allowing for faster scratch refinement and reduced buffing time.

PPS™ Dispenser Redux

Check out the new look of the new PPS™ dispensers available now.

2014 Innovations

Innovation. Improved.

3M led the industry with the introduction of the first convoluted faced foam buffing and polishing pads. Now we're "changing the face" of the industry again. We've redesigned our foam pads, giving them twice as many peaks and valleys. In field tests, real-world shop workers reported our new pads handled better, cut better, slung less, chattered less.

Cubitron™ II Power – Now for More Uses

The Cubitron™ II family is growing, now delivering its better cut and longer life in:
• Cut-Off Wheels  • Roloc™ Discs  • File Belts  • Fibre Discs

These abrasives use 3M Precision-Shaped Grains — meaning they cut at least 30 percent faster than other premium abrasives. And they last at least twice as long. Shops can save money on reduced work time, and lower material costs.

Sticks Fast, Sands Easy

3M™ Quick Grip Filler works fast. It adheres well to a wide range of substrates and is ready to sand in just 15 minutes. With a tack-free finish that reduces sandpaper loading, this easy-to-shape filler creates a smooth feather edge with less chance of roll back than traditional body fillers.

Dent Filling, Done Cool

3M™ Dent Filling Compound-Cool Weather works at lower temperatures than traditional Dent Filling Compound, and features a 10-12 minutes cure time.

HG14 – Accuspray™ Advantages For Fine Finishes

The next step in Accuspray™ system technology has arrived. The Accuspray™ Spray Gun Model HG14 is specifically designed for coatings that require a 1.4mm atomizing head. The HG14 provides excellent atomization, reduces gun cleaning time, and performs like a new spray gun every time that the atomizing head is replaced. The HG14 is designed to help improve both productivity and profitability.

Finish Paint Without Compounding

3M has developed a new way to get exceptional paint finishing without the mess, fuss, and frustrations of old-fashioned pads and compounds.

The new Perfect-It™ 1 finishing system combines a specially formulated finishing material with a new high-convolute foam pad to deliver one-step polishing for small-area repairs on most vehicles.

Fast Repairs – Done Easier

For the second time in less than 12 months, we announced additions to the Dynamic Mixing System family. There are now ten different DMS cartridges that deliver precisely-mixed product in exactly the quantities you need.

3M™ Bare-Metal Seam Sealer 58310 joins the previously released Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer 58308.

3M™ Rigid Parts Repair Adhesive 55885 is something techs have been asking for. A strong epoxy adhesive that also acts as a filler.

Feel the Difference ... Try Flexible Abrasive Hand Sheets

Introducing the Flexible Abrasive Hookit™ Sheet Trial Pack — Six grades of our extra-pliable sanding hand sheets packaged with a hand pad Hookit™ accessory for end-users who want to test these sheets before buying larger quantities.

More flexible than traditional scuffing pads and more durable than sanding sponges, our Flexible Abrasive Hookit™ Sheets excel in areas where other abrasives don't. Flexible Abrasives can be used dry or wet — by hand or on a machine.

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