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3M Fuel System Tune-Up Kit 08963

3M™ Fuel System Tune-Up Kit 08963

  • Part Number: 39089
  • UPC: 00051135089637
  • Stock Number: 60455052286
A three part kit designed for the 'medium' to 'heavy' do-it-yourselfer to perform a professional fuel system cleaning at home. Contains 3M™ DIY Intake System Cleaner 08954, 3M™ Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner 08989, and 3M™ Complete Fuel System Cleaner 08813.
  • Helps to restore power and save on gas mileage
  • As easy to perform as an oil change
  • Detailed instructional DVD included with kit

Note: Laws controlling the acceptable amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) vary by state, and in some cases by locality. This product is restricted in one or more places in the U.S. If you are unable to find this product locally, please ask your local distributor for information on local rules products and available alternatives.
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  • Product Description

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Fuel System Tune-Up Kit






    • Inspect the vehicle for illuminated warning lights on the dash. Correct any preexisting conditionsthat are causing illuminated warning lights.
    • Serious emissions and driveability problems (Gross polluter, check engine light, Service EngineSoon, hard miss-fires, overheating catalytic converter, unexpected stalling, etc...) should beproperly and completely diagnosed to determine whether the use of a 3M cleaner is needed to helpresolve or correct the problem. Do not expect these 3M products to cure an unknown emissions,driveability, or loss of fuel economy problem
    • Inspect the engines oil level, top off as needed prior to using these products.
    • Inspect the engines cooling system for leaks, coolant level, and proper cooling system operation, topoff or repair as needed prior to using these products.
    • Inspect the vehicle's entire exhaust system for leaks, deterioration or damage to ensure that adequateexhaust ventilation can be maintained throughout the application of the cleaner. DO NOT use theseproducts if adequate exhaust ventilation cannot be assured or serious personal injury or death canoccur (Carbon Monoxide Poisoning).






    NOTE: If an oil change is going to be done or if spark plugs or oxygen sensors are going to be replaced, it's recommended that these be replaced AFTER the use of the 3M™ Fuel System Tune-Up Kit.

  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 39089
    UPC 00051135089637
    Case Quantity 3 kits per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 kit

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