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3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Quart 08984

3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, Quart, 08984

  • Part Number: 08984
  • UPC: 00051135089842
  • Stock Number: 60455045868
Specially blended solvent for removal of light paint overspray, adhesive residue, wax, grease, tree sap, dirt, road tar, oil and bugs in aerosol form. Quickly removes waxes, greases, oil and tars. Will not harm most thoroughly cured automotive paint, vinyls, or fabrics when properly used.

Note: Laws controlling the acceptable amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) vary by state, and in some cases by locality. Part Number 08984, 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, Quart is among the products not available in all areas. We've formulated PN38984 3M™ Specialty Adhesive Remover as a more compliant alternative.
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  • Product Description

    3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner, 08984 is a specially blended solvent which provides easy cleanup of most types of adhesives, bugs, greases and oils, overspray, silicone, waxes and tars. Will not harm most thoroughly cured automotive paint, vinyls, or fabrics when properly used. VOC content of 816 grams per liter (6.8 lbs per gallon). Composite Partial Pressure equals 4.81 mmHg. Local air quality regulations may regulate or prohibit the use of surface preparation and clean up materials based on VOC content. Consult your local air quality regulations.
  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08984
    UPC 00051135089842
    Case Quantity 6 quart per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 quart


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Submitted on 10/19/12  |  By Tralika

I use 3M adhesive remover on my fiberglass gel coat glider. A special tape is used to seal the gaps between the wings and fuselage of gliders. Sealing the gaps decreases aerodynamic drag in flight. The tape has a very sticky adhesive and leaves a lot of residue when the tape is removed. The 3M product removes the tape residue quickly and leaves the surface clean. No damage to the gel coat.

Submitted on 10/9/12  |  By Niko

Works great for removing residue of various marine sealers and caulks on boat decks and hardware. The best I've ever used.

Submitted on 6/16/12  |  By Anonymous

I love this stuff. When I used to detail cars for a body shop, we used this all the time. Very useful on car exteriors. Just one note: after using adhesive cleaner on the exterior of a car you should polish it up again with some sort of car polish. It doesn't damage the paint or clear coat, but it will strip off any polish that was on the car. Since quitting the detailing business, I have been using [another product], but it is vastly inferior to the 3M adhesive cleaner. [Another product] leaves an oily residue while the 3M product evaporates clean away.

Submitted on 9/26/11  |  By Mark

This product works perfect for removing rubber stains which my car picks up when racing on the track.

Submitted on 6/9/11  |  By captain curtis william erling white

I own a 2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner 4 door. I purchased the truck with window visors attached 4 1/5 years ago. One of them broke in half and I thought about replacing them. I decided against this idea. After searching many forums about removing the adhesive mounting tape, I knew from reading what I should not do. Many people used razor blades, Goo Gone, WD-40 and other invasive techniques with much remorsefulness.

This 3M product worked flawlessly. I highly recommend this product as it will not harm the paint on your vehicle (provided the paint has cured for over a year). I had the entire task completed in about 2 hours and am very pleased with the results.

Submitted on 6/9/11  |  By Blue Ocean Yachting

I swear by it. After 7 years working in the yachting industry where image is everything. Every bosun locker that I have to stock, will have at least one can of this. So many uses, but we use it mostly for marks left on our paint, not to mention tape left over after large paint jobs. If you want to see more of these products in use check out our site BlueOceanYachting.com

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