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3M™ Wool Polishing Pad, Double Sided, Screw On, 05705

  • Part Number: 05705
  • UPC: 00051131057050
  • Stock Number: XA600057054
Double Sided Yellow Blended Wool Polishing Pad; removes compound swirl marks and fine paint surface defects. Use with 3M Machine Polishes. For use with 3M™ Adaptor, 05710. Proven performer.
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  • Product Description

    Double sided, soft edge polishing pad designed for use with a polisher and glaze. 3M™ Wool Polishing Pad is made with extremely fine fibers to produce a high gloss on paint surfaces. Pad has its own built in, lightweight support system. For use with 3M™ 05710 adaptor.
  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 05705
    UPC 00051131057050
    Case Quantity 6 pads per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 pad
    Material Wool Blend
    Application Cured Paint, Fresh Paint Finishes, Medium Paint Finishes, Refining Compound Scratchs, Scratch Removal, Swirlmark Removal
    Rate of Cut Least Aggressive
    Diameter 9 Inch
    Brand 3M
    Pad Type Polishing
    Size 9 Inch
    Attachment Method Screw-On


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Submitted on 5/3/14  |  By slickrick

Been detailing cars with them since 1985 ever since I banned the Frisbee style in a dealership! 200 cars a month went through our shop and 2 years later went into muscle car restoration and anything custom! They have been the best even on knew paint jobs! Now retiring I still Have a box of those pads And they will Last me a long time!! There great to help me present the best paint jobs ever! First class all the way! Guy that wants the cleaner! Why? You rake your spur thru them when your done is all you Need! Next time you use them you rake it again to get dust out and buff away!! Great pads! Thanks so much for a great lasting product!! The talent is how well you handle your buffer and products used!! SLICKRICK.

Submitted on 5/13/13  |  By Jeff

I just started using the 5705 pad on my boat. This pad worked well on my application, however, get ready to eat wool fibres as you work. These shed like crazy. Yellow fluff everywhere, stuck on me, the boat, the air intakes on the polisher...everywhere.

Submitted on 3/7/12  |  By ralphy2009

I've used this pad and many wannabe's in my over 30 year's of detailing/reconditioning career and I've never found anything better than the double (flip) sided pads. They last forever as long as you care for them. Which Im very surprised 3M hasn't made a pad cleaner washing system which there are some very good products out there.

Come 3M I know you can do it! I've loved you for many year's and you have never once let me down...

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