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3M Standard Tier abrasives have been the workhorse abrasive in the industry since they were introduced. Delivering uniform, consistent finishes, they are available in both Stikit™ and Hookit™ attachments for convenience and reuse.

Featheredging and Primer Sanding: Grades 80 to 500
These products are designed to provide productivity in a variety of applications from express repair to larger body repair. Use the coarser products for sanding and featheredging filler and putties, and the finer grades for further refinement and primer sanding.

Paint Preparation and Paint Finishing: Grades 600 to 1500
The abrasives cut fast, last a long time, resist loading and leave a consistent finish. Use these products with a soft interface pad to scuff sand before painting. Use them to remove runs, dust nibs and excess orange peel from topcoat finishes before buffing.

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1-20 of 298 Item(s)

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