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Download: Aluminum Standard Operating Procedure guide (6.7 megabytes PDF)
Visit: Heavy Duty Truck SOPS


Glass Replacement SOP


Windshield Removal and Installation


Stationary Auto Glass Removal and Installation

Body Department SOP

Body Repair

Welding and Spark Protection


Metal Working


Part Replacement


Panel Bonding (Excluding Door Skin)


Weld Bonding (Excluding Door Skin)


Weld Sealing


Door Skin Removal


Door Skin Replacement


Express Damage Repair


Small Damage Repair


Large Damage Repair



Aluminum Frequently Asked Questions


Aluminum Repair Matrix


Rivet Bonding

Sealing and Coating

Sealer Coating Removal


General Seam Sealer Application: DTM


General Seam Sealer Application: Non-DTM


Corrosion Protection (Cavity Wax)


Corrosion Protection (Undercoating)


LASD Replacement (On Body)


Pre-Made LASD Replacement (Off Body)


Jeep® Hardtop Texture Repair

Plastic Repair Procedures

Plastic Tab Repair


Cosmetic Flexible Bumper Repair


Flexible Patch Non-Structural Bumper Repair


Two-Sided Bumper Repair

          Paint SOP



General Masking


Jamb Masking


Mask Openings


Primer Masking


Paint Prep

Refinish Bumper Prep


New Primed Bumper Prep


E-Coat Panel Prep




Feather-Prime-Block Waterborne


Blend Panel Sanding Process


Paint Shop

Anti-Chip Coating


Base-Coat Denibbing


3M™ PPS™ Paint Preparation System

Paint SOP


Paint Finish Denibbing Process!


No Compound Paint Finish Small Area Process


Paint Finish Full Panel Process


Headlight Lens Restoration Process


Vehicle Clean-Up Process


Scotchgard Chemicals

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