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3M™ Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 08008

  • Part Number: 08008
  • UPC: 00051135080085
  • Stock Number: 60455055602
A strong, flexible, rubbery adhesive that can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations. It can be used to bond automotive weatherstripping and is a great adhesive for holding paper, cork, or rubber gaskets in place during installation. Black.
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  • Product Description

    • Fast drying, strong, flexible, rubbery adhesive
    • Withstands vibration -and- extreme temperature variation
    • Good oil and water resistance
    • Black color designed to match vehicle weatherstrip for virtually invisible repair


  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08008
    UPC 00051135080085
    Case Quantity 6 tube per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 tube
    Size 5 oz Tube
    Work Time Less Than 4 Minute
    Brand 3M
    Color Black


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Submitted on 12/8/15  |  By Ralph H.

The person who rated this only one star may have put too much on, and therefore compromised the overall result. A very thin layer needs to be first applied to each surface and allowed to dry to a sticky taffy-like consistency. By thin, I mean that one needs to use a knife or a spatula to make it as thin as a spreading a thin later of butter on a piece of bread (< 1 mm thickness). After it has reached proper tackiness, spread JUST one more THIN layer on either say the rubber seal or the metal...ie just one of the previously coated surfaces.

The squeeze and allow to FULLY set and dry. EXCELLENT results. 5 stars !

Submitted on 5/3/15  |  By french56

I have not been able to get this product to stick more than a few weeks? I must be doing something wrong but do not know what it is. Product is very messy to work with. would be very willing to have some one contact me with tips on the product

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