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3M Strip Calk 08578

3M™ Strip Calk 08578

  • Part Number: 08578
  • UPC: 51135085783
  • Stock Number: 60980019552
Soft non-hardening caulking material in one foot lengths for use in all types of seams, joints and openings. This product is easily thumbed into place and smoothed with a finger. It may be painted immediately.
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  • Product Description

    Strip Calk is used as a thumb-grade seam sealer for filling in joints, seams, voids and gaps. Typical applicatons include engine compartments seams, firewall, and other non-visible automotive seams, gaps, and joints. A soft, non-hardening butyl rubber material. It is used as a thumb-grade seam sealer for filling in joints, seams, voids and gaps. The permanently-pliable formula means the sealer won't dry out and become brittle -- No re-work because sealer dried up and stopped working. Excellent high temperature resistance means this caulk can perform many sealing functions in engine-compartment temperatures. Excellent gap-filler can plug holes to prevent noise and moisure penetration.
  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08578
    UPC 51135085783
    Case Quantity 12 box per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 box
    Color Black
    Paint Time Immediately
    Work Time N/A
    Dry Time NA
    Brand 3M


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Submitted on 3/20/14  |  By flash

Over the years, I used this product many times, and it always performed well for me. I believe it has been discontinued, as lately the few times I have purchased it all from various sources, shows it's qualities to have changed. The strips stick together like glue, and it also sticks like blue to your hands. It is very difficult to remove from the hands! It gets long ad gooey when you try to remove each strip from the box, and is not workable as in the past. My suspicion is that these are all very old boxes of this putty, which has "outdated".

Submitted on 7/19/12  |  By George

I to have used this a lot. It works very well to fill small holes around heating and A/C on auto and trucks.

Submitted on 4/22/11  |  By Timothy Wright

We use this product to fill seams and holes left from factory assembly to prevent water intrusion into medium and heavy-duty truck cabs. I used this on restoring classic cars and installing audio systems in cars from the 60's and 70's. This product has been a part of my tool box inventory for over 38 years. You will always find a use for it.

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