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3M Rocker Panel Coating, 23 ounce Net Wt / 600g, Grey, 08889

3M™ Rocker Panel Coating, 23 ounce, Grey, 08889

  • Part Number: 08889
  • UPC: 00051135088890
  • Stock Number: 60455053128
A resilient under-the-paint protective coating formulated to match the medium to coarse texture of factory-applied coatings on the Rocker Panel and stone-throw areas of automobiles. Paintable.
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  • Product Description

    3M™ Rocker Panel Coating 08889 is a resilient coating designed to protect lower auto body panels from damage such as stone chipping. This coating is applied over primer coated panels and under top coats providing an additional layer of protection to the substrate. 3M™ Rocker Panel Coating 08889 is compatible with common automotive paints.

    3M™ Rocker Panel Coating 08889 produces a textured finish which resists chipping, abrasion, rusting and\ weathering. Specifically developed to match OEM medium to coarse textures and produces a resilient under-the-paint coating to protect your vehicle year after year. Ideal for use on rocker panels, under bumpers and under-carriages to prevent exterior corrosion. 3M™ Rocker Panel Coating 08889 is fast drying, paintable, and offers excellent sound deadening properties.


    Surface Preparation

    Prime all bare metal surfaces with urethane or epoxy primer. Sand the primer using grade P320 - P500, clean the surface and mask accordingly.

    NOTE 1: When repairing into factory applied chip guard coatings prime the sanded factory coating with epoxy primer to prevent “lifting” or “blistering”.

    NOTE 2: Apply only to surfaces primed with a 2K urethane, 2K epoxy primer, or clean, sanded paint. Acid etch primers should never be in direct contact with the coating.

    Application And Sanding

    Use at temperatures above 65°F (19°C), shake until agitator ball moves freely in the can.

    Apply a light even coat to the surface from a distance of 10 - 12 inches (25 - 30 cm). Allow 5 minutes dry time before applying additional coats.

    Apply additional coats to match desired texture, allowing adequate dry time between coats to avoid solvent bubbling. Texture can be varied by adjusting application speed, distance, and coating thickness. For best results, invert the can and spray to clear the actuator between coats and after use.


    Allow 1 hour dry time when 2 coats are applied (more dry time is needed if additional coats have been applied) prior to painting. Lightly scuff sand using grade P500 - P600 abrasive and apply top coats or primer/sealer (refer to paint manufacturers guidelines for paint application information).

    VOC Information

    Please consult state and local regulations. CARB Category: Automotive Bumper and Trim Product. VOC Limit = 1.75 g O3/g product. This product: 1.63 g O3/g product.

  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08889
    UPC 00051135088890
    Case Quantity 6 per case
    Case Inner Pack 1 aerosol can
    Brand 3M
    Application Rocker Panel Coating
    Texture Medium
    Paintable Yes
    Paint Time 2 Hours
    Dry Time 2 Hours
    Color Grey


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Submitted on 4/1/16  |  By Frankie

The rocker panels I treated with 3M 8889 look great. The adhesive quality is superior and the top coat I applied went on beautifully.
Be sure to follow the prep instructions to achieve perfect results!!

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