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3M Copper Anti-Seize Brake Lube 08945

3M™ Copper Anti-Seize Brake Lube 08945

  • Part Number: 08945
  • UPC: 00051135089453
  • Stock Number: 60455052799
A metal to metal lubricant for brakes systems, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and more. Keeps threaded fasteners from seizing. Withstands high temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit intermittently.
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  • Product Description

    Blend of fine, particle-size metals dispersed in a synthetic grease, designed to withstand very high temperatures and extreme pressures. It is particularly effective for use on bolts both for assembly and disassembly and where metal parts rub together.







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    Mechanical Brake Cleaner Family

  • Additional Product Information

    3M Part Number 08945
    UPC 00051135089453
    Case Quantity 6 cans per case
    Case Inner Pack (1) 8 ounce can

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